24 Jan 2018


I sink into the sea like the sediments of a life that weighs; a suffering existence that finds its comfort in the warm texture of the volcanic rocks. I have suffered: not because of a fate; rather by a need for expression that does not find solid ground to leave its legacy. I suffer because the circumstances of life impose itself on a greater will.

But I fight, not under my arms. I am a warrior who never gets tired of his toil – everything in life has a reason to exist. My mood changes and finds as many faces as those of the Moon – that at night radiates the sky with its crystals of hope – but in all the changes I find a smile designed; which shines with its whiteness in black oil.

I am a storm, a storm with skin: I do not turn a face to a challenge, I am not afraid to face my deep ghosts that have been exposed to the naked in the days that pass; I’m not afraid to fall (Man falls and then stands up!). Depression does not know who I am. Believe that you were born to be another star in the bright sky! It’s all in You!

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