22 Jan 2018


Sadness continues to dye my days promising acid rain that is a promise in a sky full of clouds – gray! She beats hard. She continues to manifest herself in a scenario in which dreams are faded for a while, also gray. Depression is living in a cell where the paints on the walls are black, the color of oil.

She follows in the silence of the night and makes herself present in a time that, when gone, misses her. A time when there is a general lack of emotion; a time that does not go to any door. Pain is certainty: a scourge that burns in the throat and breaks through the silence of the dawn to make itself present in the unspoken words, not expressed.

I stay in a house where the door is wide open but the air does not pass (there is no life!); the air does not circulate and stain my days full of indecency for not fulfilling a greater will. The days go by and with them pass the life that does not return. Will I live forever in this condition? Free yourself from your ghosts. It’s all in You!


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