14 Jan 2018
Personal Development


We live clinging to material objects. It is for them that we live and it is upon them that we build our lives. The Society teaches us an excessive consumerism and in this measure we lose ourselves. The meaning of life, if there is any, is not the acquisition of material goods but rather the development of a deep and serious spiritual life.

The happiness that comes from acquiring it is an epidermal feeling, it is not self-sustaining, it is not nourishing. Material goods are fetters that bind us and do not allow us to develop and evolve into a stage of a more fulfilled life – this is the true meaning of life! We are greater than the goods that fill us on a superficial level.

Jesus Christ tears with all the material character of the human condition. Christianity gives us a God who became a little one; a God who could have come into the world in all its splendor and glory, but who preferred to know Humanism and the flesh in a poor, austere, and free manner of material compositions. You’re bigger than your physical dimension. It’s all in You!


Photographer: Tomás Monteiro

Photographer Assistant: Irís Liliana

Make-up: Ani Toledo

Hair: Rui Rocha

Styling: Carter B. Rey

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