03 Mar 2019


The sky was wearing an impeccable and clear blue that absorbed the energy of a contagious sun; I was walking slowly because of the lack of mobility provided by the medication. Despite the physical apathy, my brain was working at a great speed and it felt as if every part of the universe expanded within it. Every thought- which in fact possessed the characteristics of galaxies and comets  -penetrated me and in this shimmering movement marked me with a nostalgic dust as the effect provided by the the houses of the old Alentejo. On that day a melancholic dictated the beat of the orchestra and I was just the baton in the master’s hand.

We all have days like this: as if we were outside our own life and someone inadvertently takes our place; it was more than a stage – a way of communing on the horizon and printing its result on my individuality … Suddenly, a beam of light tore my mind, a face took shape; Joana Rigato was its name.

– Hey, Celinho. How are you? We finally find time of compatibility – said the philosopher of Science on the other side of the line. Seconds later we were in a flowing, empathic conversation – that kind of conversation between old friends. We discussed my pathology, the effects of medication and how to interact with the Internet in a healthier way so as not to expose myself too much. I have taken notes of an experienced personality who is always coherent between action and thought.

In aviation there is a rule: in case of airplane’s depressurising we must first put on our oxygen mask and then we are able to help our peers. My teacher warned me of this message. Although I always want to help other people with my testimony, I must realize if I can do this and get this evaluation in every moment so that my readers can come with an organized and eloquent testimony – that is my mission. At the particular moment that I lived I did not have the resources to help others with my message. So now, here I am: with a clear idea of ​​what I want to do and the testimony I want to go through. Sometimes all we have to do is, even though we are in the storm, to make the distinction between what is our skin and what is outside the skin to protect ourselves and empower others with our story. Do not forget – It’s all in you!

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