05 Jan 2018
Personal Development


The brain is the most fascinating machine in the Universe; we continue to know more about the surface of Mars than about the gray matter that commands our thoughts and through which we experience the world around us. In fact, the expression you should listen to your heart should be changed to listen to your brain.

However, the previous statement would lose all romanticism. Today I speak of the brain because what I appreciate the most in its operations is the trainable feature of its functionalities. Thus, with the right theoretical framework and the right specialist, we can train emotions, thoughts and ideas … Up to competencies such as motivation and resilience.

Throughout my career as an athlete, I changed my mental structure in a radical way: I went from the boy who let himself be lost with the club’s older friends to the adult with a vital belief that participated in the Olympic Games. If I have been able to change my mind to a champion mind you, with work, you can too! It’s all in You!


Photographer: Tomás Monteiro

Photographer Assistant: Irís Liliana

Make-up: Ani Toledo

Hair: Rui Rocha

Styling: Carter B. Rey

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