18 Jan 2018


This week has not been easy. I’m dealing with post-psychotic outbreak symptomatology. I have felt depressed and unwilling to do anything. The activities that normally give me pleasure turn out to be an annoyance and I am thrown into an existential crisis in which I wonder about the reason of my own existence.

Negative thoughts have stained my days with their dark energy and leave a foul smell in the recesses of my conscious mind. It’s easy to think about my professional failure; when this happens, I often can not outperform myself to the negativity that spills vertiginously through my understanding – it is difficult to remain positive!

My trick these days has been going out of the house. Today, for example, I did not feel like getting out of bed to fulfill my commitments. The battle was hard but I was finally able to impose my will and now I write you from a cafe in Alvalade. The days will not always be easy, but we will not allow ourselves to be smitten. It’s all in You!

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